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The Benefits of Installing Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters can add an instant level of sophistication and elegance to any home. Offered in a variety of styles, colors and materials, they can immediately add value to the home. As a high-end window treatment, plantation shutters hold their value for many years.

A Custom Fit

One of the reasons why plantation shutters offer such a decorative addition to the interior of any room is that they are custom fit for every size and shape window opening. Because of that, they are rated more energy-efficient than other available window treatments. When installed correctly, they can significantly reduce monthly utility bills by resisting the heat of the summer, and the cold of the winter.

Plantation shutters were once considered the ideal window covering for the elite. However, the affordability of the shutters provides the opportunity for average homeowners to enjoy this elegant, luxurious window covering.

A Permanent Component

Unlike all other types of window treatments, plantation shutters are installed as a permanent component to the home’s interior. While a traditional window covering can become damaged or faded by ultraviolet rays and direct sunlight, plantation shutters never require replacement when properly maintained. As a result, plantation shutters are crafted as a durable product that can last for generations.

As a low-maintenance option with minimal upkeep, plantation shutters usually require only a light dusting to maintain.

Controlling Light

Plantation shutters are crafted in a variety of slat sizes with louvers as large as 6 ½”, and as small as 1 ¼”. Each slat size provides unique control on the amount of sunlight that can penetrate through the glass. The louvers provide a way to maximize ventilation and privacy while offering enhanced versatility when adjusting the position between open and closed.

Different Styles

Decorative plantation shutters are designed in a variety of different styles including a double hung version, and one with the divider rail. These are ideal choices for kitchens and bathrooms, where the bottom louvers can remain closed, creating privacy, and the top louvers can remain open for the penetration of outside light.

Plantation shutters can add instant curb appeal to the exterior of any home, while increasing the appraised value of the house. In addition, they can produce energy savings by controlling airflow and light penetration into the home. These shutters are crafted in a variety of styles to complement the interior decor of any room

Advantages of Interior PVC Shutters

Thermopoly Shutters offer a host of advantages that makes them far superior to any other type of interior window treatment.

- Energy Efficiency
- Safety Benefits
- Non-Porous
- Fire-Retardant - NFPA 701 Certified
- GREENGUARD Certified
- UV Protective
- 25-Year Warranty
- Light and Privacy Control

Interior Plantation Shutters Provide Energy Efficiency

Thermopoly Shutters have pockets of air designed into the louver and frame parts. This construction virtually eliminates solar heat gain during the summer months and provides excellent insulation during the winter months, making these plantation shutters extremely energy efficient. Ultraviolet protection helps the suns strong rays reflect back
instead of being absorbed into the house.

Did you know? Energy-efficient interior shutters help you save money on your heating and cooling bills year-round! Stop wasting money on utility bills and get custom made plantation shutters for your home.

Safety Benefits of PVC Shutters

Thermopoly plantation shutters are designed with an eye towards safety on several levels; they're both child-safe and fire retardant, meeting the National Fire Protection Agency's NFPA-701 standards. The PVC interior shutters have built in flame retardant qualities and won't need any additional coatings or coverings in order to offer a high level of protection from fire. Their construction doesn't include any dangling cords, making them safe for small children. The non-porous quality PVC shutters does not allow harmful mildew to adhere to the shutter. Additionally, PVC plantation shutters are Greenguard Certified, made from completely non-toxic materials and can't harm adventurous children or pets.

Plantation Shutters are Easy to Care For

Water can be a destructive force around bathrooms, kitchens and other high humidity areas. The wrong types of materials in these spaces may rust, crack, mildew and even warp. Fortunately, Thermopoly Shutters resist all of these damaging effects - making them the perfect choice for water-prone environments. Since they're UV protective, the shutters won't yellow or fade from sunlight.

25-Year Limited Warranty

Thermopoly plantation shutters come with a 25-year warranty that promises satisfaction with an unconditional guarantee.

PVC Shutters Offer Light and Privacy Control

Thermopoly Shutters are offered in a variety of sizes, colors and frame styles to fit any decor and come with either a traditional tilt-bar, or Clearview®--the hidden rear-tilt louver system which will allow you to open and close your shutter tightly in both directions. Offering total light control and complete privacy, Thermopoly Shutters will give your home the finishing touch.


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